We have a saying that we learned while in the jungle; "muchos ojos, muchos corazones". Many eyes, many hearts. Our board of directors are diverse in skill and talent, while equal in heart and passion. This unique mesh provides incredible insight and ingenuity that enables the Coalition for Global Community Health to adhere to our statement of purpose and allow the communities we serve to dictate our methods of aid. We are determined to work towards the future the people of the Peruvian Amazon desire.     

Chase Hamilton 


Chase meets with the leaders of the communities CGCHealth interacts with in order to receive direction and understanding. He has worked with the Peruvian Ministry of Health and conducted community health needs assessments in the Peruvian Amazon. He received a degree in Human Biology from the University of Kansas and is currently attending Medical School at Rocky Vista University.

Scott Hamilton, D.D.S.


Scott ensures that all matters within CGCH are conducted according to the bylaws and standards necessary to maintain the 501(c)(3) tax exempt status designated by the IRS. He has years of experience working with charity organizations and is an active community member in Topeka, KS. He earned his doctorate in dental surgery from the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

Hannah Nusz, MSW


Hannah oversees fundraising efforts and many other priorities for the Coalition for Global Community Health. Hannah also is the grant writer for CGCH and reaches out to national and international grant services. Her extensive experience in working in the nonprofit sector in Uganda and ability to understand community values with her masters in Social Work from the University of Kansas is valuable to CGCHealth's endeavors.

Tyler Wood, M.S. J.D.


Tyler is the custodian of our corporate records and gives legal advice when necessary and pertinent to the proceedings within the Coalition for Global Community Health. Tyler currently is working in Washington D.C. as the Assistant Chief Counsel for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He earned his juris doctorate from the University of Missouri in Kansas City.  

Michael Tetwiler


Michael is the liaison to the university student groups. He works in tangent with medically oriented students groups as well as the students who are participants. He is currently a medical student at the University of Kansas.

Teresa Gast, CPA


Teresa oversees funds of the Coalition for Global Community Health. She keeps and maintains the accounts, properties, and transactions as well as renders reports of these accounts to report to the board. She is currently a partner with Cain, Waters & Associates, a financial planning firm in Dallas, TX, and serves on the non-profit organization Smile for a Lifetime.

Bartholomew Dean, PhD


Bartholomew is an Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Kansas and the Director of Anthropology at the Museo Regional-Universidad Nacional de San Martín Tarapoto, San Martín, Perú. Dean has been a Contributing Editor for the Ethnology Section of Lowland South America for the U.S. Library of Congress' HLAS for more than a decade. Dean has authored and co-authored a number of books concerning communities of the Peruvian Amazon. Dean specializes on political anthropology, violence, health and human rights, ethnology of western Amazonia (Peru), (im)mobility studies, public anthropology and museum studies. Dean received his PhD in social anthropology from Harvard University. His wealth of knowledge for the work CGCHealth strives to accomplish is invaluable.