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KU Pre-Med

Summer 2015 - Clean Water + Health Initiative 


About the Program

We will be working with rural communities along the Amazon river. The main health concern for these communities is access to clean water. 

In Loreto, 74% of the population lacks access to clean and potable drinking water. The Pan American health Organization (PAHO) estimates that the child mortality rate in rural Loreto is 176 deaths per every 1000 live births making the child mortality rate 17.6%. It is believed that more than 30% of early childhood deaths are directly attributed to drinking contaminated water.

This will be CGCHealth’s 3rd year running a clean water initiative in the Loreto area of Peru. Last year 8 undergrads and two CGCHealth board members underwent a campaign to give the people of Belén, Llanchama, San Jose de Lupuna, and San Martin access to clean water. They offered a class to about 60 families every week that consisted of a 4-day educational program designed and taught by the students. At the end the families graduated with a water filter that provides 10+ years of clean water for each family (each filter system only costs $60!). Thus far over 300 filters have been distributed to approximately 2,000 people. This coming summer the classes will continue with a new group of students and add to the efforts.

Students will be paired and hosted by a family where they will be served traditional meals and come to understand the way of life in the Amazon. Spanish is not required. We will have translators assisting us in our work during the day.

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Important trip deadlines

December 3, 2014 - application due
December 7, 2014 - interviews will be held
January 26, 2015 - $500 deposit for trip is due


Price break down

The price for the trip will be $4,300. Included in this price will be housing, all meals, program fees (translators & health insurance included). Flights to Iquitos are excluded in this cost. We will not be purchasing tickets for students.

More details about payment and payment deadlines >

Additional Information 

The video below was put together by CGCHealth and local community members and describes the on going clean water crisis in Loreto.