We are CGCHealth. We strive to make the communities of the Amazon in Peru healthier places to live.

First, we listen to the voice of the communities we work with, then we work to magnify those voices. We understand that that the voices are strong within the communities, we amplify them so that they reach the ears of those with the power and privilege to help effect the change the communities wish to see in their world.

We work within existing social structures in Peru to enact change. Working within these structures empowers the people of the Amazon and strengthens the communities, creating a network of relationships and responsibility that leads to a stronger communal life force. We are able to work from the bottom up by making the needs and wishes of the people the starting point creating a strong civil society that can promote dialogue and foster good governance. This enables us to become a vehicle for enacting community decisions that promote citizenship of the peoples.

We respect human dignity. We respect the cultures that are represented within the communities of the Amazon and do not invade their beliefs, customs, or indigenous rights. We know that they know best. We come to the communities with open minds and open hearts to learn from them so that we may be able to accurately amplify the needs and desires of the community without detaching them from their culture.

We see ourselves as a tool for the communities of the Peruvian Amazon to use so that they can cultivate the changes they wish to see and attain the goals they have set for the future of their people. We at CGCHealth believe that development is a process of advancement towards a goal. We believe that the process to reach this goal is more likely to cultivate strong communities if those within the community are the ones to set the goal.