When providing aid of any type—medical, dental, social—it is a temporary solution to a much larger problem: an absence of education. The communities of the Amazon in Loreto have been neglected educational opportunities. The geography does not lend to easy access to educational resources and the government has not found a reliable solution to the problem.

When we at CGCHealth offer medical campaigns and clean water programs we also offer an educational component so that the communities we work with can begin to understand key concepts to health related topics. We work towards educating the communities about prevention, symptoms, and treatments of diseases common to the areas they live in. These educational courses are instructed by students from the Universidad Nacional de la Amazionia Peruana medical university in Iquitos, and by Wilger Hualio, the CGCHealth natural healer who uses shamanic medicine to cure illnesses.

The medical students explain the sciences behind the illnesses and preventative measures so that the participants can begin to understand bodily functions and how illnesses can affect one’s health. Wilger talks with the participants about the natural remedies to any number of illnesses. The typical setting for these chats is a discussion forum. The participants are involved throughout the educational experience. Those instructing are merely there to guide the conversation and present new information.

We also partner closely with the youth of each community we work with in the Peruvian Amazon. Without educating the children of the current generation we cannot hope that future generations will have any greater knowledge in health.