In Loreto, 74% of the population lacks access to clean and potable drinking water. The Pan American health Organization (PAHO) estimates that the child mortality rate in rural Loreto is 176 deaths per every 1000 live births making the child mortality rate 17.6%.

It is believed that more than 30% of early childhood deaths are directly attributed to drinking contaminated water. We want to fight this absurdity!

We at CGCHealth have visited with leaders of communities in the Amazon about the reasons they love their communities, what the future holds, and what they believe is the greatest problem the community faces. Each leader made it clear that the health of the community was the most urgent concern. One hundred percent of the people we spoke with told us they believed the lack of clean water was at the root of their health crisis. 

So we started there, at the root of the health problems in the Peruvian Amazon.

We work from health posts and health clinics in the Loreto department in the Peruvian Amazon to reach those who need clean water urgently. When a doctor diagnoses a patient with an illness related to consuming contaminated water a CGCHealth team member speaks with the patient about his or her illness and offers him or her the opportunity to be a part of a 4-day health educational program from which they will graduate with a water filter.

We hope to provide clean drinking water to 400 new families each year—over 2,500 people. With clean water the people of the Peruvian Amazon can expect to be effected in the following ways:

  • If in school, children will become better educated not having to miss days of school at home sick
  • Parents will be able to work to earn their family a better living
  • Parents and children will have a higher “baseline” level of health and become more effective community members
  • Children will become better nourished and have energy to actively learn, grow, and create
  • Parents will become better able to care for and nurture their young children with more energy
  • With more active community members, the populations will be able to charge forward to reach the future they hope to see for their children