CGCHealth Clean Water Campaign round 2 is now in full effect. We have arrived with 8 students from the University of Kansas and Colgate University, all with unique goals to help communities help themselves. 

Wilger, the heart of our presence in the Amazon, has been buzzing up and down the river since January meeting with community leaders, doctors, and government officials. He discovered many communities where our presence is needed. We now find half of our team in the jungle teaching educational courses and directing a medical clinic in San Jose de Lupuna. The other half is working in the Centro de Salud 6 de Octubre in Belén.

We are working with the communities to fight infectious diseases spread by consuming contaminated water. We provide immediate relief of symptoms in the medical clinics by prescribing medications but we have learned from communities over the years that it is wiser to take preventative measures so that the diseases may never afflict the populations. And to that we say, “AGUA LIMPIA!” 

Each week of this month we will work with at least 55 families in San Jose de Lupuna, Belén, Llanchama, and San Martin to provide medical care, health education, and clean water. Our educational efforts are bolstered by a strong presence from medical students from Universidad Nacional de la Amazonía Peruana (UNAP). 

We are able to treat the person and not just the symptoms by providing educational courses to better educate populations about their illnesses and ensure that their preventative health measures are met by providing clean water solutions. 

Along the way we have been establishing lasting relationships with the communities we work with so that we can facilitate the changes they wish to see in their communities. 

We are excited to see the direction the communities take us! We will be sure to keep you updated along the way.


Written by Chase Hamilton